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Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland, sited on Lake Lucerne, is embedded within an impressive mountainous panorama. With a population of approximately 82,000 people, Lucerne is the most populous city in Central Switzerland, and a nexus of economics, transportation, culture, and media in the region.

Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and the District of Lucerne

Lake Lucerne often called the “heart of Switzerland” because of its central position, is the 4th largest lake in the country.

Lucerne is located at the outfall of Lake Lucerne into the river Reuss, which flows from south-east to north-west.

The main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German Dialect.

Historic Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge, one of the greatest attraction of Lucerne

Known locally as Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge, is a massive wooden bridge which connects Old Town to New Town and allows only foot traffic. It is the oldest covered bridge in Europe

It is the world’s oldest covered wooden bridge and dates back to the year 1332.

Chapel Bridge got destroyed by fire in 1993 and about a half of the bridge was burnt. Only the pillars, the bridgeheads and the Water Tower could be saved. Within a year, Chapel Bridge was completely restored.

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