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Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. It is an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen and is still very much a working royal palace today. The castle is used regularly for ceremonial and state occasions, including state visits from overseas monarchs and presidents.

Where is Windsor Castle?

Where is Windsor Castle?

Located in the county of Berkshire, Windsor Castle is about 40 kilometres from central London.

How old is Windsor Castle?

How old is Windsor Castle?

It was built in the 11th Century after the Norman invasion and more than 30 monarchs have called it home.

How big is Windsor Castle?

How big is Windsor Castle?

It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and sits on 5.2 hectares of land. There are around 1000 rooms whereas Buckingham Palace clocks in at 775.

Its name comes from Old English (*windless-ore*) and means “winch by the riverside”

William the Conqueror chose the site for Windsor Castle, high above the river Thames and on the edge of a Saxon hunting ground. Construction started on the year 1070, and it takes 16 years to complete the castle

The castle has over 1,000 rooms, more than 300 fireplaces, and houses a substantial portion of the Royal Collection, including furniture, paintings, and armor. It is the Queen’s weekend home, one of the places she uses as an escape from hectic London.

Windsor Castle is the longest-occupied palace in Europe

Windsor Castle was one of Elizabeth I’s favorite residences and she spent more money on it than any of her other residences.

Queen Victoria became known as “the Widow of Windsor”

Windsor Castle is the largest continually inhabited castle in the world

When Hitler was planning his takeover of Britain, he decided that he would keep Windsor Castle as one of his homes. So consequently Windsor Castle were never targeted during the war

Windsor Castle has suffered serious fires multiple times over its 1000 year history. But the most recent—and most damaging—occurred not so long ago, in November of 1992

It Has the World’s Largest Dollhouse

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